Please take note of our new address for FID and that there has been a slight increase in price which is the first one since we have taken over six years ago

Welcome to FID

Here at FID we are long term detectorists with Richard being a detectorist since 1978, starting when his father detected too, Gill has always worked within admin so loves doing FID work.   We offer a service of 3rd party liability insurance, along with promoting responsible metal detecting.

We either attend quarterly meetings at the British Museum or are represented at these meetings, this is so we can keep

up to date on all things regarding PAS (Portable Antiquities Scheme) and how changes etc may effect detecting and detectorists.

We recently abstained from backing the new code of conduct as we did not agree with some of the changes made, this was to protect responsible detecting and the detectorist.

When we took over FID in 2014 we did so to offer an alternate choice for insurance, we took over no finances, and we destroyed all memberships that were not current.

If you join FID your details are kept while you are a member,

if this lapses we destroy your details after 3 years, after that point if you decide you need FID cover again, you will have to re-join rather than renew, we have no choice to do this because of admin costs.

Unfortunately having taken on no funding we are not able to send out membership renewals via the post because of the cost, this is huge even with stamps supplied by members many do not supply any for return post so the stamps you send helps us immensely.  We also are unable to do a quarterly booklet, we would like to in time maybe do something on line, as we personally used to enjoy reading the FID booklet.

If you know of anyone who is not on the internet but members of FID we would greatly appreciate you passing on the message that they can still renew via post at the normal cost.

We are now taking renewals and new memberships for 2021

At present you can contact us by the following, however the best way is via e-mail as the land line is an answer machine which is only checked periodically, the emails are checked every other day.

email fid.org.uk@gmail.com

Many thanks for you kind and continued support

Richard and Gill